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Take Comfort In Our Services

Rest assured that your loved one’s needs will be met physically and socially each time they visit The Little Red House.

We want our guests to be excited to spend time with us and strive to create experiences that are safe and fun.

An older man and woman sit at a table playing oversized cards as they laugh together and the woman's hand is on his shoulder.

Socialization & Games

Enjoying the company of others is one of the main benefits for participants, who experience a renewal of self-esteem and purpose and decreased isolation while interacting with friends. Group activities and games are organized throughout the day to encourage engagement and conversation with others.

Close-up of an older person's hand holding a paint brush against paper laying against and easel as a box of paints sits below.

Stimulating Activities

Cognitively stimulating activities help improve memory, creativity, and problem-solving for aging adults. Whether it’s trying their hands at art or playing music, our participants enjoy a wide range of activities designed to nurture the mind and broaden their horizons.

Handicap bathroom highlighting an accessible shower with grab bars and shower seat.

Personal Care

Personal grooming and activities of daily living, which can be difficult for many of our participants, are provided with compassionate care, restoring dignity and a sense of pride. Professional assistance with a shower, shave, and oral and nail care, is available on a regular basis.

Close-up of a plate with Swedish meatballs, noodles, and green beans.

Meals and Snacks

Sharing meals together family-style is one of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed here at The Little Red House. Nutritious and delicious meals and snacks are provided through AgeWell Services, with careful attention given to special dietary requirements.

A woman in the background, sitting in front of a sign showing the day's menu of Swedish Meatballs and beans, raises her arms over her head as she instructs exercises for other people who are doing the same movements in the foreground.

Movement Therapy

Participants are encouraged to get moving throughout each day with a variety of physical activities designed to improve motor skills and promote coordination.

A smiling woman wearing a stethoscope uses it check the heartbeat of a seated and smiling elderly man.

Medical Care Assessments

Upon admittance, every participant receives a Medical Assessment performed by our onsite registered nurse, who continues to regularly monitor all aspects of health and well-being. Regular assessments keep participants and caregivers alerted to any health changes before they become threatening.

A woman wearing glasses sits on a recliner while reading a book while athletic shoes and crossed legs can also be seen in the foreground.

Relaxation and Downtime

A comfortable setting is provided where participants can read, relax, or nap whenever they desire.

A close-up of a hand holding a cup of applesauce with pills in it as another hand holds a spoon near the container.

Medication Administration

Daily health check-ins are conducted with your loved one, and any prescribed medications are administered by a registered nurse.

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Caregiver Support

The role of caregiver can be extremely stressful. Offering expert advice and a friendly ear, our licensed social worker is available to consult with the caregivers and participants enrolled in our program. Caregivers receive the helpful support and education needed to achieve balance in their lives.

Special Activities

Guest Visitors

We occasionally bring the world to our doorstep by inviting musicians, museum docents, and other guests to interact with Little Red House participants, reestablishing their connections with the broader community.

Special Celebrations

Celebrating traditions, holidays, birthdays, and special events at The Little Red House brings smiles to our participants and contributes to the home-like atmosphere we cultivate at our facility.

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